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About the Aracaria Project

The Aracaria Project was established in 2000 by Stefan Mager, who purchased a 24-acre property operating as an uncertified biodynamic farm. Initially run-down, the property underwent significant cleanup and organization, eventually achieving biodynamic certification. During this time, food-production gardens and orchards were established and maintained.
As the project transitioned from its focus on farm production to creating a park-like, creative environment, the necessity for biodynamic certification became less significant. Nevertheless, a commitment to an organic, holistic approach to land management remains. Today (2023), Aracaria boasts numerous stunning gardens, rare plants, trees, native animals, dams, and water features. The design seamlessly incorporates two architecturally compelling buildings.
Within the premises, Stefan Mager works in various studio spaces, producing the exhibited works. Kindly note that Aracaria is not accessible to the public.

About Stefan Mager

Stefan Mager

With a background in product design and publishing, Stefan Mager sold his Melbourne-based business in 2000 and relocated to the serene Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Alongside his responsibilities in maintaining the Aracaria gardens, Stefan engages in his artistic endeavours as a sculptor, painter, and occasional publisher.
Drawing inspiration from the farm’s resources, Stefan creates sculptures incorporating wood, metals, and ceramics. While his works are typically small in scale, they have garnered a dedicated following of collectors from across the globe and have found homes in many parts of the world.