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About the Aracaria Project

The Aracaria Project was formed in 2000 when Stefan Mager bought a 24 acre somewhat run-down property which had operated for some years as an uncertified biodynamic farm. Over time, the property was cleaned up, organised, and achieved biodynamic certification. During these years, food-production gardens and orchards were established and maintained. When the fundamental nature of the project changed from farm production to a park-like, creative environment, biodynamic certification was no longer required. However, the organic, holistic approach to the land continues. Today (2021) Aracaria features many spectacular gardens and an environment including rare plants, trees, native animals, dams, and water features. Two architecturally compelling buildings integrate into the overall design. Stefan Mager works in several studio spaces to produce the works displayed here. Please note that Aracaria is not open to the public.

About Stefan Mager

Stefan MagerStefan Mager has a product design and publishing background. He sold his Melbourne based business in 2000 to move to the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Apart from maintaining the Aracaria gardens, he works as a sculptor painter and occasional publisher. Sculpture materials are sourced on the farm and often combined with ceramics and various metals. The works are generally small scale and find collectors in many parts of the world.