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Emerald Hybrid

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Curvaceous creature finished with matte chrome oxide and red and white gloss glazes. Unusual and collectible.
Signed on back. Freestanding.

Ceramic, multi-fired
Width cm:
Height cm:
Depth cm:


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Sculptures are special! 
Research indicates that sculptures offer a unique depth of emotional connection, surpassing that of paintings.
While two-dimensional paintings confine life to two-dimensional space, sculptures bring life into three-dimensional space, resounding more profoundly with observers. Their tactile nature invites touch, allowing one to experience the texture, weight, and shape firsthand.
As meaningful tokens, sculptures transcend mere objects, making them remarkable gifts that foster enduring connections.

I am fortunate to work in a studio that overlooks a lush, green tropical landscape that is vibrant and paradisiacal. At my modelling table, I shape clay, and my thoughts often drift to my many visits to Japan. There, too, artists work with clay, their skills far surpassing mine. Yet we share a common philosophical thread: the concept of Wabi-sabi. In a world where technology effortlessly achieves perfection, Wabi-sabi becomes an anachronism.
Yet nothing embodies humility more than Wabi-sabi, which acknowledges all things’ imperfection, incompleteness, and transience. Noting perfect, complete, and lasting can be found in this world. Wabi-sabi surrenders to the limitations and imperfections of existence. As I model and glaze my pieces, I embrace this philosophy and join the flow of life’s transient river.
In their humble way, my pieces reflect a relaxed abandonment of exacting logical intellect, opening the door to a meditative, easygoing, humorous, and contemplative state of mind. In this space, imagination can roam freely, and a smile of pleasure may appear. When that smile comes from deep within, it can heal a troubled mind. In this way, my pieces, with all their imperfections and naiveties, become powerful Wabi-sabi medicine.