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Shadow Dingo

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Shadow Dingo – By Stefan Mager -This mixed media sculpture is made from ceramics and wood. It is painted with a special black which is considered the blackest colour commercially available. Light absorption is up to 90%. It is very close to Anise Kapoor’s black.
Signed on back. Freestanding.

Mixed media, ceramic, glazes, enamel paint, special blacker than black paint
Width cm:
Height cm:
Depth cm:


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Sculptures are special! 
Research indicates that sculptures offer a unique depth of emotional connection, surpassing that of paintings.
While two-dimensional paintings confine life to two-dimensional space, sculptures bring life into three-dimensional space, resounding more profoundly with observers. Their tactile nature invites touch, allowing one to experience the texture, weight, and shape firsthand.
As meaningful tokens, sculptures transcend mere objects, making them remarkable gifts that foster enduring connections.