10 Bhumis, stages on the path of a bodhisattava: happiness, renounce defilement, emitting light, blazing wisdom, difficult conquest, manifestation, travelling far, not moving, wholesome wisdom, dharma cloud.
10 Bodies of Buddhas: the body of sentient beings, the body of lands, the body of rewards of action, the body of Buddhist disciples, the body of self-enlightened people, the body of enlightening beings, the body of completely enlightened ones, the body of knowledge, the body of space, the body of reality.
10 Fetters: belief in a self, doubt or uncertainty, attachment to rites and rituals, sensual desire, ill will, desire for material existence, desire for material rebirth, desire for immaterial existence, desire for rebirth in a formless realm, conceit, restlessness, ignorance.
10 Contemplations on: the Enlightened One (Buddha), the teaching (dharma), the community (sangha), discipline, generosity, heavenly beings, death, the body, the breath, peace.
10 Directions: east, west, north, south, south-east, north-west, north-east, south-west, below, and above.
10 Endowments: to be a human being, to be born in a central country, to have perfect faculties, to be engaged in right livelihood, to have faith in the dharma which is the basis, the Buddha appears in this world teaching the dharma, the dharma remains, the dharma is followed and one enjoys the kindness and compassion of others.
10 Fetters of Existence: self delusion, doubt, clinging to ritual, sensuous lust, ill will, greed for fine material existence, greed for immaterial existence, conceit, restlessness, ignorance.
10 Meritorious Deeds: charity, morality/taking precepts, mental cultivation/meditation, reverence or respect, services in helping others, transference of merits, rejoicing in the merits of others, preaching or teaching dharma, listening to the dharma, straightening one’s own views.
10 Names of the Buddha: Tathagata, Arahat, Unsurpassable Enlightened One, Holder of True Knowledge and Conduct, Well-Arrived One, Knower of the World, Matchless One, Excellent Trainer, Teacher of Devas and Humans, Buddha, the World-honored One.
10 Non-Virtues: 3 of the body: killing, stealing, sexual misconduct; 4 of speech: lying, slander, abusive speech, gossip; 3 of mind: covetousness, ill-will, wrong view.
10 Perfections (paramitas): generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolution, loving kindness, equanimity.
10 Powers of a Buddha: what is right and wrong in every situation, the retributive effects of past, present and future karmas of every being, all stages of liberation and samadhi, the powers and faculties of all beings, the desires or moral direction of every being, the actual condition of every being, the direction and consequences of all laws, all causes of morality and good and evil in their reality, the end of all beings and nirvana, the destruction of all illusion of every kind.
10 Precepts: not to kill, not to steal, not to commit sexual misconduct, not to lie, not to sell liquor, not to speak of the faults of others, not to praise self or disparage others, not to hold back teaching or materials, not to harbour anger, not to slander the three treasures.
10 Profound Applications of Mind: purity, stability, relinquishment, freedom from craving, non-aggression, firmness, glowing brightness, courage, broad-mindedness, magnanimity.
10 Profound States of Mind: truthfulness, flexibility, capability, control, peacefulness, pure goodness,
non-defilement, non-attachment, broad-mindedness, magnanimity.

10 Bodies of the Completely Enlightened Ones: the body of enlightenment, the body of vows, the incarnate body, the body of preservation of enlightening teachings, the body of adornment with marks of greatness, the body of powers, the body of adaptation, the body of virtues, the body of knowledge, the body of reality.
10 Contemplations: on the Buddha, on the teaching, on the community, on discipline, on generosity, on heavenly beings, on death, on th body, on the breath, on peace.
10 Concentrations: universal light, subtle light, psychic powers to travel to all lands, practice with a pure profound mind, knowing the treasury of adornments of the past, treasury of light of knowledge, knowing the adornments of Buddhas in all worlds, different bodies of all living beings, cosmic freedom, unobstructed wheel.
10 Epithets of the Buddha: perfect, holy one/saint, fully enlightened, gifted in knowledge, well-gone one, knower of the worlds, unsurpassable teacher of humans, teacher of gods and humans, awakened one, sublime one.
10 Great Disciples of the Buddha: Mahakashyapa, Ananda, Shariputra, Subhuti, Purna, Mahamaudgalyayana, Katyayana, Aniruddha, Upali, Rahula.
10 Profound Applications of Mind: purity, relinquishment, freedom from craving, non-regression, firmness, glowing brightness, courage, broadmindedness, magnanimity.
10 Profound States of Mind: truthfulness, flexibility, capability, control, peacefulness, pure goodness, non-defilement/ non-attachment, broadmindedness, magnanimity.
10 Reasons for the Buddha to Give a Ruling: for the excellence of the sangha, for the comfort of the sangha, for the restraint of evil-minded humans, for the ease of well-behaved monks, for the control of the contaminations in the here and now, for the combating of the contaminants if future worlds, for the benefit of outsiders, for the increase in the number of insiders, for the establishing of the teachings, for following the rules of discipline.
10 Rules for Living: Avoid the path of degradation/foster relations with virtuous people, live in an environment that fosters spiritual practice and good character, learn more about the Dharma/the precepts and your own trade in depth, take care well of your parents, spouse and children, share time, resources and happiness with others, cultivate virtue, avoid alcohol and gambling, cultivate humility, gratitude and simple living, seek opportunities to be close to monks to study, live a life based on the Four Noble Truths, learn to meditate to end suffering.
10 Qualities for Those on the Eightfold Path: steadfastness, sincerity, self-respect, vigilance, seclusion from the world, contentment with little, simplicity of tastes, non-attachment, aversion of worldly activities, patience.