14 Root Downfalls: to physically or verbally harm one's vajra master or to entertain wrong views of him/her. To oppose the Buddha's teachings and go against the guru's instructions. To develop strong negative and afflictive emotions towards other sentient beings, especially the community of vajra brothers and sisters. To abandon the attitude and practice of loving-kindness towards all sentient beings. To go astray in one's clinging to sexual bliss and to abandon Bodhicitta. To abuse other traditions, lineages or religions with the motivation of gaining more respect for oneself. To reveal Tantric secrets to those who are not spiritually matured, thereby resulting in the misunderstanding of the teachings. To harm one's and others' precious human bodies. To have doubts regarding the Absolute Truth. To refrain from forceful activity when needed so as to overcome destructive influences resulted from negative energies, such as the unwillingness to save or help sentient beings although one has the ability to do so. To have doubts regarding the meaning of suchness.To annoy other sentient beings out of self-concerns. To refrain from certain behavior when appropriate, such as the unwillingness to accept the necessary and appropriate practices (for example, consuming alcohol and meat which are offered in a Ganachakra practice) as and when they are required. To abuse women or regard them as inferior.