15 Days of the Buddha's Miracles: 15 miracles, performed on 15 consecutive days. Day 1/first day of spring: toothpick grows into a marvelous tree. Day 2: emergence of two jewel mountains. Day 3: a great lake emerged. Day 4: a great pond with eight streams emerged. Day 5: a golden light filled the entire world. Day 6: Buddha reveals everyone's thoughts. Day 7: all listeners became royal supporters of the Dharma. Day 8 Buddha radiated light from his body filling the entire sky. Day 9: Buddha extended his body until it reached the highest heaven. Day 10: The Buddha extended his body again, teaching from a great height. Day 11: while Buddha's form was not visible the body radiated golden light and a great voice expounded the teaching. Day 12: Buddha radiated golden light that cleared the three poisons from the minds of everyone. Day 13: the Buddha multiplied across the Universe with light rays and lotus flowers. Day 14: flowers changed into twelve hundred and fifty carriages made from jewels. Day 15: Buddha produced food of a hundred different tastes.