16 Defilements: 1. three fetters (samyojana), 2. three unvirtuous roots (akusalamula), 3. three fluxes (asrava), 4. four floods (ogha), 5. four connections (yoga), 6. four attachments (grahana), 7. four ties to the body (kayagrantha), 8. five hindrances (nivarana), 9. five fetters (samyojana), 10. five fetters of the lower realms, (avarabhagiyasamyojana), 11. five fetters of the upper realms (urdhvabhagiyasamyojana) (see Ten Fetters), 12. five views (drsti), 13. six desires (kamakaya), 14. seven contaminants (anusaya). 15. nine fetters (samyojana), 16. ninety-eight contaminants (anusaya).
16 Arhats: when Buddha was about to enter final nirvāṇa he entrusted the care of his teachings to a group of 16 great Arhats and their disciples.