6 Bardos: bardo between birth and death, bardo of dreams, bardo of the interval of the ultimate nature of consciousness, the bardo of becoming, bardo of meditative stability, the bardo of becoming.
6 Helpful Attitudes: dharma is medicine, the guru is like a skilled doctor, the sangha is like a nurse, practice
is like the cure, the guru is as holy as the Buddha, the dharma should remain a long time.

6 Paramitas: generosity, self-discipline, joyful effort, concentration, patience, compassion.
6 Transcendent Perfections: generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration, wisdom.
6 Perfections: giving, ethics, patience, effort, concentration, wisdom.
6 Realms of Rebirth: gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, hell beings.
6 Root Delusion: attachment, anger, pride/ego, ignorance, doubt, wrong view.
6 Senses: mind, sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.
6 Syllable Mantra: om mani padme hung.
6 Symbols of Long Life: old man, tree, rock, water, birds, deer.
6 Wrong Attitudes: pride (excessively high opinion in oneself), pedantic criticism (searching for faults in the teacher and the teachings, sloth (lack of enthusiasm and interest), distraction (distracted mind during teaching), prejudice (mind filled with conceptual thoughts of past, present and future, impatience (being impatient with progress).
6 Perfections Towards a Teacher: generosity between teacher and student, morality - refrain from wrong actions during the teachings, patience, physically, mentally and verbally towards teacher, enthusiasm and interest towards the teacher, concentration on the meaning of the teaching, contemplating and meditating on the teachings.
6 Activities: walking, standing still, sitting, lying down, eating, speaking.
6 Consciousnesses: sight, hearing/sound, smell, taste, touch, thought/dharma.
6 Harmonies of the Sangha: corporal harmony (the same work), verbal harmony (the same silence), mental harmony (the same tolerance), ethical harmony (the same practice), ideological harmony (the same understanding), material harmony (the same equality of benefits).
6 Houses and Seven Schools: school of appearances as such, school of stored impressions, school of illusions, school of causal combination, school of the non-being of the mind, school of fundamental non-being, modified school of fundamental non-being.
6 Levels of Reincarnation: as a hell being, as a hungry ghost, as an animal, as a malevolent spirit, as a human, as a god-like being.
6 Perfections (paramitas): perfect charity, perfect observation of the precepts/discipline, perfect perseverance/patience/endurance, perfect energy/zeal/progress, perfect meditation, perfect wisdom.
6 Procedures for Attaining Samatha: determining where your mistakes lies/discriminating between good and evil, remedies for these mistakes, applying the remedies to correct the mistakes, from excessive quietude innocence arises, quietude without consciousness leads to innocence, consciousness without quietude leads to discrimination, consciousness plus quietude leads to illumination/freeing the mind of discrimination and attachment.
6 Sense Objects: colours and forms, sounds, odours, tastes, textures, phenomena.
6 Supernatural Powers: divine sight, divine hearing, knowledge of the minds of all beings, knowledge of all forms of previous existences of self and others, power to appear at will in any place and to have absolute freedom, insight into the ending of birth and death.
6 Tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, hot, salty, plain.