7 Abundances: faith, morality, honesty, modesty, learning, renunciation, wisdom.
7 Arrogances: to think one is superior to those inferior to oneself and that one is equal to one's equals. To think that one is superior to one's equals and equal to those who are superior to oneself. To think that one is superior to those superior to oneself. To be attached to the self based on the delusion that one's life is a permanent entity. To think that one has gained a truth that one has not yet perceived. To think that one is not much inferior to those who far surpass oneself. To pretend to possess virtue when one lacks virtue.
7 Emotions: pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, love, hate, desire.
7 Factors of Enlightenment: mindfulness, investigation, energy, rapture, tranquility, concentration, equanimity.
7 Limbed Prayer: prostration, offering, confession, rejoicing, requesting the Buddhas to teach dharma, dedication.
7 Noble Riches: faith, discipline, generosity, learning, conscientiousness, modesty, wisdom.
7 Pointed Mandala: mandala composed of Mount Meru (Sumeru), the four continents, the sun, and the moon.
7 Points of Mind Training: the preliminaries, bodhicitta, transform all unfavourable circumstances into path of the Buddha, condensed practice of mind training in five points, measurement of mind training, engagement of mind training, precepts of mind training.
7 Precious Syllables: ham ksma ma la va ra ya.
7 Riches: hearing the Dharma, faith, discipline, meditation, zeal and devotion, abnegation, shame.
7 Wisdoms: Great Wisdom, clean wisdom, quick wisdom, profound wisdom, wisdom of deliberation and speech, wisdom of debate, wisdom of composition and writing.
7 Degrees of Enlightenment: discerning the true and the false, zeal to practice the Dharma, delight in the Dharma, riddance of all coarseness and weight of body and mind, power of remembering meditaion, power to realize singleness of mind, indifference to, renunciation of, all states.
7 Emotions: pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, love, hate, desire.
7 Fundamental Elements: fire, earth, water, wind, space, knowledge, perceptibility.
7 Treasures: gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, agate, rubies/red pearls, cornelian.