8 Fold Path: correct views, correct thought, correct speech, correct conduct, correct livelihood, correct zeal/effort, correct mindfulness, correct meditation.
8 Worldly Concerns: 1 & 2: Happiness vs. Suffering: Once we have happiness, fear arises, for we are afraid to lose it. When suffering arises, no amount of wishful thinking makes it go away. The more we hope for it to be otherwise, the more pain we feel. 3 & 4: Fame vs. Insignificance: We are obsessed with fame and afraid of our own insignificance. When it dawns on us how hard we need to work to be seen as someone special, our fear of insignificance is only magnified. 5 & 6: Praise vs. Blame: We need to be pumped up constantly or we begin to have doubts about our worth. When we are not searching for praise, we are busy trying to cover up our mistakes so we don’t get caught. 7 & 8: Gain vs. Loss: Just as we are about to congratulate ourselves on our success, the bottom falls out. Over and over, things are hopeful one moment and the next they are not, and in either case we are anxious.
The 8 Concerns That Prevent Happiness: taking delight in having money and material possessions, being disappointed, upset, angry when we lose possessions or don’t get them, feeling delighted when people praise us and approve of us and tell us how wonderful we are. feeling upset and dejected when they criticize us and disapprove of us — even if they are telling us the truth. feeling delighted when we have a good reputation and a good image., being dejected and upset when we have a bad reputation. feeling delighted when we experience sense pleasures — fantastic sights, sounds, odours, tastes and tactile sensations, feeling dejected and upset when we have unpleasant sensations.
8 Consciousnesses: eye-consciousness (seeing), ear-consciousness (hearing), nose-consciousness (smelling),
tongue-consciousness (tasting), body-consciousness (tactile feeling), mind-consciousness (cognition),
defiling-mind consciousness, storehouse consciousness.

8 Freedoms: not being born in the hell regions, not being born as a hungry ghost, not being born as an animal, not being born as a barbarian, not being born as a long-life god, not being born as a heretic, not being born where no Buddha has descended, not being born as a fool.
8 Negations of Nagarjuna: no elimination, no production, no destruction, no eternity, no unity, no manifoldness, no arriving, no departing.
8 Ordinary Concerns: gain and loss, pleasure and pain, praise and criticism, fame and infamy.
8 Perverse Acts: criticizing good, praising evil, interrupting the accumulation of merit of a virtuous person, disturbing the minds of those who have devotion, giving up one’s spiritual master, giving up one’s deity, giving up one’s vajra brothers and sisters, and desecrating a mandala.
8 Realizations of Great Beings: awareness that all dharmas are impermanent and without a separate self, awareness that more desire brings more suffering, awareness that living simply, having few desires, leads to peace, joy, serenity, awareness that only diligent effort leads to enlightenment, awareness that ignorance is the cause of the endless round of birth and death, awareness that poverty creates hatred anger, which in turn create a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and actions, awareness that although we dwell in the world to teach and assist others, we should not become caught up in worldly matters, awareness that we do not practice for our individual enlightenment alone, but devote our whole being to guiding all others to the gates of enlightenment.
8 Auspicious Symbols: parasol (symbol of royal dignity), two fish (symbol of the universal monarch), conch shell (symbol of victory in battle), lotus blossom (symbol of purity), vase of sacred water (the nectar of immortality), furled banner (symbol of victory of spirituality), knot of eternity, wheel of the Dharma.
8 Difficult Situations to see the Buddha or hear the Dharma: hell, realm of hungry ghosts, realm of animals, remotest districts, heaven of longevity, realm of those born before and after the Buddha, realm of those with no common sense or eloquence, realm of the blind, deaf and dumb.
8 Liberations: liberation by examination and realization of the filthiness of all things, liberation when no subjective desire arises, liberation from all desires, liberation by realization of the infinity of space, liberation in realising infinite knowledge, liberation in realising emptiness, liberation where there is neither thought or no-thought, liberation by the extinction of all sensations.
8 Mysterious Qualities of the Ocean: it gradually becomes deeper, being deep, its bottom is hard to fathom, its salty taste is the same everywhere, its ebb and flow follows certain rules, it contains various treasure storehouses, creatures of great size exist and dwell in it, it refuses to house corpses, it takes in all rivers and heavy rainfall without either increasing or decreasing.